Today, 30 March, is International Tabletop Day, the day we celebrate all tabletop games. It is a reminder that these games – from chess to playing cards to snakes and ladders – can be a great way to spend some fun time with friends and family.

Since these games tend to be non-physical, they can be enjoyed by people of widely varying physical abilities – you don’t have to be a strong, fit 18 year old to take someone on in a game of Scrabble! As long as these games don’t keep us from physical activity, they can have great social and cognitive benefits, teaching us about communication, team work, strategy and innovative thinking. Just what the doctor ordered for a rainy day! (Just remember to get out of the house for a bit of a cardio-vascular workout when the weather clears…)

Still a classic - anyone a game of Scrabble?(© All Rights Reserved)
Still a classic – anyone a game of Scrabble?
(© All Rights Reserved)

And don’t think there’s nothing in the tabletop gaming genre for you just because you’re tired of the classic games like Scrabble and Monopoly – new tabletop games appear on an almost daily basis, and there are websites going to great lengths discussing and reviewing these – why not pop over to Tabletop Gaming News or have a look at the Top 10 new tabletop games for 2012 according to game informer.

Whatever rocks your boat – be it board games, dice games, war-games or card games – pull up a few chairs and have some fun on International Tabletop Day.

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