The 29th of March is Smoke and Mirrors Day, also known as the Festival of Smoke and Mirrors.

The phrase ‘smoke and mirrors’, which generally refers to fooling or deceiving someone into believing what is not, originated from the old magic shows in the 19th century, when magicians used strategically positioned mirrors to produce illusions for the audience. At times it was necessary to move the mirrors, or to secretly change something else on stage, and this was hidden from onlookers using well-timed bursts of smoke.

'Smoke and mirrors' - patterns created through repeated mirroring of candle smoke.(© All Rights Reserved)
‘Smoke and mirrors’ – patterns created through repeated mirroring of candle smoke.
(© All Rights Reserved)

Smoke and mirrors day is there to remind us (the naive and gullible among us, in particular), that things are not always as they seem. Politicians, salespeople, entertainers – these are all people skilled at fooling their audience through cleverly applied verbal and non-verbal smoke and mirrors.

So while being distrustful of anyone and everyone is not a healthy way to go through life, we can definitely all do with a healthy dose of scepticism – watch out for those smoke and mirrors, people! 🙂


  1. Maybe we should get involved in politics, we could start up the Smoke and Mirrors Party. At least people would know where they stand 😉

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