Today is the birthday of Robert Bosch (23 September 1861 – 12 March 1942), German industrialist and inventer, and founder of Robert Bosch GmbH.

As the eleventh of twelve children, I am sure Bosch knew from early on in life that you had to stand out to get noticed. And he didn’t disappoint. In 1887, Bosch made meaningful improvements to an unpatented magnetic electric ignition device originally developed by engine manufacturer Deutz, thus creating his first successful business venture.  In 1902, Bosch, together with one of his engineers, Gottlob Honold, invented the first commercially viable high-voltage spark plug to go with his previously developed ignition system – an innovation that had a huge impact on the development of the internal combustion engine.

The innovations of Robert Bosch had a major impact on the development of the modern spark plug and the internal combustion engine.
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Now while we’re on the topic of spark plugs and internal combustion, today also happens to be Innergize Day, the day we’re supposed to turn our focus inward, and spend some quality me-time to rejuvenate ourselves – to give ourselves a bit of internal combustion, if you like.

Ignite yourself on Innergize Day.
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So, on this day, take some time to locate your inner spark plug and rekindle your spark. In this age where we face non-stop pressure to perform and deliver, we owe it to ourselves to take some time to refocus and to remember what ‘revs our motors’.  Find your spark and nurture it – it is what makes you special.

Go, sparky! 🙂

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