The 25th of March is International Waffle Day. The day originated in Sweden, where it is known as Vaffeldagen.

Delicious, sweet and chewy Dutch waffles, also known as 'stroopwafels' or 'stroopies'. ('Stroop' is Dutch for 'syrup'.)(© All Rights Reserved)
Delicious, sweet and chewy Dutch waffles, also known as ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘stroopies’. (‘Stroop’ is Dutch for ‘syrup’.)
(© All Rights Reserved)

The day is dedicated to the waffle, a delicious dough-based dessert delicacy with a long history – the waffle, as we know it, developed from the ‘oublie’, a grain-flour communion wafer prepared from the 10th century. The modern-day waffle exists in many versions, from thin, stiff, syrup-filled Dutch waffle-cakes (‘stroopwafels’) to large, light and fluffy Belgian waffles, with numerous other varieties (American waffles, Hong Kong style waffles, Scandinavian style waffles, etc) in between.

Waffles are often served with cream or ice-cream and syrup, and often sprinkled with icing sugar. In addition, fruit such as bananas and berries can add an extra dimension, while chocolate is another option to add to the waffle’s decadence.

International Waffle Day is the perfect time to ‘go international’ and explore some new waffle varieties, or to at the very least try your favourite style with a new topping.

Yum! My mouth is watering as I write!


      1. They aren’t too easy to find here either, I guess they aren’t fashionable any more.

        When we were in Broken Hill last year we had lunch one day in the 50’s themed diner, Bell’s Milk Bar. They serve milkshakes of every flavour and such beautiful soft, warm, tasty waffles it makes you want to run home and learn to make them yourself.
        Now I’m wishing there was a similar diner in my town!

        Probably not the best idea though, waffles every morning after I dropped the kids off would not be the best for my health 😉

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