Today, 11 March, is World Plumbing Day. The day, initiated by the World Plumbing Council, is aimed at promoting and celebrating the “the important role plumbing plays in the health and safety of modern society”.

Plumbing plays a key role in the provision of safe, clean water for sanitation.(© All Rights Reserved)
Plumbing plays a key role in the provision of safe, clean water for sanitation.
(© All Rights Reserved)

Numerous natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes – striking around the world over the last decade have again shown how quickly things we take for granted – safe drinking water, working sanitation systems – can disappear.

Drinking water is critical for any population, and efficient plumbing systems play an important role in ensuring a continued clean, safe water supply. During and after disasters, trained and qualified plumbers are key to re-establishing the required plumbing infrastructure in a region.

In support of World Plumbing Day, the World Plumbing council have released a set of fact sheets that make for some interesting reading regarding the role of plumbing in society.


  1. We do a lot of camping and know just how important (and at times difficult) access to clean water is. It never fails to amaze me what we first-worlders take for granted.

      1. Sure are…. A few years ago we were camping at Arkaroola, an amazing part of outback South Australia (where some of the earliest fossil critters have been found). It is dry, dry, dry there and fairly remote. I was having a shower in the shower block and listening to the mum and her two daughters in the adjoining stalls whining about the hot water not being hot enough. I just wanted to strangle them! The fact they could be in such an arid place and HAVE a hot shower was fantastic, they really needed a reality check. I felt sorry for the dad who had probably been listening to this kind of whining since they left home.

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