Following hot on the heels of World Smile Day comes Frugal Fun Day, celebrated on the first Saturday of October. As far as I could ascertain, Frugal Fun Day – a day to engage in fun activities that are either free or very inexpensive – is the brainchild of Seth Horowitz, author of “The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty With a Peasant’s Pocketbook.”

The idea of the day is to try and come up with original, imaginative ways to have fun without breaking the bank. Build your own kite and try to fly it. Pitch a tent in the garden and ‘go camping’ for the night. Go play in a sand-pit (or better still, the beach, if you’re lucky enough to live near the sea). Lose yourself in a good book from the library or bought at a secondhand shop. Hold a family concert. Visit museums and art galleries in your region. Go support a school sports event, even if your kid isn’t playing. Use the power of social media and arrange a flash mob.

Want some frugal fun? Invent a new game or sport! Uhm, anyone up for some beach ballet?
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If you strongly feel you want to spend your time more constructively, you can have your frugal fun by helping others. Find out about volunteering opportunities and activities in your region and get involved. Few things leave a more lasting good feeling than doing good to others.

If you let your imagination run free, the possibilities are endless – I am sure you can think of many more exciting things to do than I’ve come up with.

Focussing our creative energies on simple, constructive fun is a great way to get away from the stresses of modern life – you probably need less than an hour watching the news of the world to be convinced just how much we all need it. And focussing specifically on the cheap and free side of things is a good reminder that money is not always a prerequisite for enjoying ourselves.

So the challenge is yours – any suggestions?


  1. Just yesterday my ten year old and I played a rousing game of baseball in the living room, using a stuffed Angry Bird as the ball and a throw pillow as the bat. I don’t know if that counts here, but it was great fun.

  2. A caravanning holiday is not really frugal fun (curse fuel prices!), but the zillions of games of Go Fish with the squids are, especially when I’m the one who wins… throws down cards “yeah baby… I win!” *victory dance*…..

    1. Re: that caravanning holiday – I think the ‘frugal’ walked out the door the moment the sunpanels walked in. 🙂
      But Go Fish – yeah, that’ll do it!

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