I took these a few years ago while on a photography trip in the Richtersveld, a breathtakingly beautiful and barren landscape in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, right on the border between SA and Namibia. The focus of the shots was very much on texture and shape, and playing with near and distant elements.

(© All Rights Reserved)

Both these shots were taken on a trusty old Nikon F100 (I still love that camera so) and a 28mm prime lens, using Fuji Velvia slide film.  The film was cross-processed using the C41 colour negative development process, which basically ends up giving you very contrasty results, with quite aggressive grain and unexpected colour casts.

(© All Rights Reserved)

Ever since I first discovered cross-processing during my photographic studies, it has always been one of my favourite processing techniques. I love the fact that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to end up with – different types of slide film give widely varying results, and even the age of the film can lead to a different outcome.

While it is possible to simulate cross-processing quite successfully in digital photography during post-processing, it simply does not come close to the magic of getting your roll of cross-processed film back from the lab, and discovering the results for the first time.

Hmmm….. I need to get out and shoot some film again – digital is great, but you get withdrawal symptoms if you’ve been away from film too long!


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