With yesterday’s Champagne celebrations scarcely behind us, it’s time to start celebrating another tipple – today is International Beer Day!

This day is a global celebration of beer, and an opportunity to get together with friends to toast your local brewers and bartenders, in pubs and breweries around the world.

Buy people beer – it makes you more attractive!
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Ever wondered why you find people more attractive after you’ve had a few beers? Sure, it is partially due to the fact that alcohol lowers your inhibitions, making you more open and friendly to others in general. There is, however, also an interesting scientific explanation.

Apparently, facial symmetry is said to have evolved as a measure of attractiveness as it signifies good genes. And apparently we subconsciously feel attracted to outward signs of genetic quality, to ensure better offspring. So, people are unconsciously drawn to people with more symmetrical faces.

Now in a study led by Dr Lewis Halsey of Roehampton University, a group of female volunteers were subjected to a range of tests before and after consuming alcoholic drinks. Among these was a test where participants were shown 20 sets of faces that had been manipulated so that one was symmetrical and the other not. After a tipple or two, people were found to be much less able to distinguish between the symmetrical and non-symmetrical faces. This effect proved directly related to the amount of alcohol consumed – the more tipsy, the less discriminatory participants became.

So, if you’re one of us normal guys or gals who lack the perfect facial symmetry to prove your genetic superiority, this day is especially for you. Have a beer, and while you’re at it, buy a round for those around you. Your popularity will increase plenty – trust me.


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