Today is Repeat Day. Today is Repeat Day. Yes, indeed, the 3rd of June is Repeat Day.

The joy of this day is that it gives you an opportunity to do things over and over without feeling guilty about it. You don’t have to stop after enjoying one piece of chocolate – you can do it all over again and have another!  And those kisses for your loved ones?  Repeat them – you know you want to!

What? Watties? Warhol? Finding inspiration in Andy Warhol’s classic repetitive pop art from the early 60’s.
(© All Rights Reserved)

Truth by repetition

Now the question is – is today really Repeat Day?  One of the frustrating things about the Internet is that unproven, unsubstantiated statements are quickly accepted and repeated as “fact”. And as soon as enough sources have picked up on the statement, they start referencing each other, and this process of circular repetition makes it extremely difficult to determine the validity of a statement of fact.

To make matters worse, countless examples exist of sloppy journalism where journalists report on “facts” without proper research, through fear of missing a scoop. This allows Internet rumors to cross over to the traditional media, further aggravating the situation.

Truth through repetition is one of the big problems facing branches of science like Medicine, where literally millions of sites exist containing symptoms and cures for various ailments, and it is almost impossible to know which ones are based on scientific fact, and which are merely repeating unsubstantiated facts found on other sites.

As far as Repeat Day is concerned – try Googling it, and you’ll find dozens of sites referring to June 3 as Repeat Day, but I haven’t been able to find a single official source supporting the fact, so for all I know it’s just another “Internet Truth” started by a blogger somewhere in cyberspace.  But luckily it can’t hurt to celebrate a day where you get to do fun things over and over again!

So here’s hoping you have a happy Repeat Day! Repeat Day! Repeat Day!

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