The main purpose of science photography is to support science communication, in other words, to illustrate a scientific concept/activity/environment in the clearest and most illuminating way possible.

That said, in some cases images created for scientific purposes can also have direct  aesthetic and artistic appeal, or have the potential to be manipulated in such a way that it becomes a unique work of art.

Microscopic images, or images shot using techniques such as time-lapse photography, can be visually unique and appealing.  Similarly a close-up photograph of part of an object, or an object shot at an unusual angle, can create artistically evocative abstract forms/patterns.

This article, however, presents samples from Sciencelens’ new offering involving the digital and physical manipulation of science images to create digital ‘science art’.

Sciencelens photographer Gerry le Roux and his graphic artist wife Wouna work together using digital image manipulation combined with digital and physical drawing, painting, colouring etc to create science art.  These unique pieces can be created on commission.

Science Art is reproduced as archival quality Giclée prints, on fine art paper or high quality stretched canvas, and are often utilised to decorate corporate science environments or presented as gifts to valued clients.

Commissioned Sciencelens Science Art are typically based on photographs illustrating the client’s unique environment, or a specific flagship project that the client is involved in.  Ideally the input images are photographed with the specific commissioning in mind.   As such the appeal of the resultant artwork becomes unique and client-specific.

In each piece, the processing and manipulation is unique and non-repeatable, and the manipulation is guided by the character of the photograph(s) forming the basis of the work.  While much of the manipulation is done using image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, these go far beyond generic manipulation using Photoshop filters etc.

To find out more about the Sciencelens Science Art offering, or to commission an artwork for your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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