Memento mori, we all must die

Today, 3 January, we celebrate Memento Mori, the day we are reminded of our own mortality; about the fact that, sooner or later, we all must die.

Certainty of death - a reminder to live.(© All Rights Reserved)
Certainty of death – a reminder to live.
(© All Rights Reserved)

A latin phrase, literally translated as “remember you must die” or “remember your mortality”, Memento mori can be considered a depressing or morbid thought, but in a way it can also be an empowering reminder. By reminding us of our mortality, it reminds us not to delay, to get on with things, to tackle that challenge we’re always putting off, to do that crazy thing we always say we’d like to do one day.

In that sense, it’s an apt day to celebrate shortly after New Year, when our lofty new year’s resolutions are still fresh in our minds. Done anything about them yet? Two days of the new year are already behind you, so perhaps you should start getting a move-on…

Life is uncertain, and there aren’t many things that can be stated as a statistical certainty but your mortality is, sadly, one of those certainties. So come on, make the most of every day, live it full-on. While thinking ahead is important, it should never distract you from living in the present.

Don’t delay – Memento mori – do it now!

It’s Tick Tock Day – one last chance to make it big in 2012

And so another year is almost done and dusted; it’s 29 December – after today there will be only 2 more days to go before 2013 arrives. That time of year when you start seriously contemplating everything you thought you were going to do and achieve this year. And of course with this comes the regrets of all the opportunities missed, all the targets not achieved…

Well, today is Tick Tock Day – especially created to give you one last chance to pick some of those goals that have not been realised; to see if you cannot cram one or two more achievements into the year before everything starts over again with a new set of resolutions.

Keep one eye on the clock, and get a move-on with those 2012 resolutions!(© All Rights Reserved)
Keep one eye on the clock, and get a move-on with those 2012 resolutions!
(© All Rights Reserved)

Think about it this way – after today you have 2 more days to your disposal. That’s 48 hours. Or 2880 minutes. Or if you prefer, 172 800 seconds. That’s hundreds of thousands of seconds! Imagine how much you can achieve in that time!

But you better hurry – time is ticking… Tick tock, tick tock… 🙂