Bus drivers, real people and key players in an effective commuter system

International Bus Driver Appreciation Day is celebrated on Monday, 18 March.

This is the day to celebrate and show your appreciation for the bus driver you see each morning, on time, doing his/her rounds and helping, in a very real way, to keep the economy going.

Bus drivers not only have to manoeuvre their precious load through heavy traffic, but are often also faced with adverse road and weather conditions.(© All Rights Reserved)
Bus drivers not only have to manoeuvre their precious load through heavy traffic, but are often also faced with adverse road and weather conditions.
(© All Rights Reserved)

Bus drivers are more than just a part of the traffic system – deftly manoeuvring their extra large vehicles through sometimes heavy traffic, and adverse weather conditions to get loads of commuters to their respective destinations on time. They are a part of the community fabric, giving directions and route suggestions, sometimes making small talk with regular commuters, remembering stop requests.

Dealing with peak traffic on a daily basis, while also having to contend with often people grumpily on their way to work cannot be easy, so why not do your bit to brighten their day with a warm smile and by showing some interest in your bus driver as a real person. And rather than just complaining about inadequate service, how about submitting an official commendation for a job well done, allowing your bus driver to receive formal recognition for his/her hard work.

Go ahead, make their day!

Celebrating Go for a Ride Day

Guess it isn’t really news to anyone that today is the day our American and Canadian friends celebrate Thanksgiving. For the rest of you, how about joining me in celebrating a different 22 November holiday – Go for a Ride Day? This is the day to take a bit of a break from your daily schedule and go for a ride. Do it zen style – ride for the sake of the trip, rather than with a specific destination in mind.

When it comes to travelling for the sake of the trip, nothing beats the romance of a train journey.
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The choice of transport is yours – perhaps you’d prefer to take your own car, motorcycle or bicycle, or for an even more relaxing option, how about public transport – a train, a plane, perhaps a bus, or how about a taxi? For a completely different experience, go for a unique alternative – swop your bicycle for a unicycle; opt for public transport via pulled rickshaw; or go vintage with a trip on an ox-wagon or donkey-cart. Anything will do, as long as it can take you on a relaxing meander.

There may not be many of these old classics around anymore, but a ride on an ox-wagon would definitely make Go for a Ride Day extra special.
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And while you’re out enjoying the scenery in your chosen mode of transport, spare a thought for the inventors and innovators who played a part in dreaming up, designing and refining the vast array of vehicles that we can pick and choose from. The list is endless. I thought of naming a few, but it really is an impossible task – for every innovator you mention, there’s another ten not mentioned, who played an equally integral part in the invention. And then there are all the vehicles that we don’t even have a clue who the inventor(s) were – anybody know who made the first rickshaw?

Whichever inventor you decide to celebrate, and wherever your ride takes you, I hope you have a great Go for a Ride Day!