Say hello to world peace

It’s World Hello Day today. The 40th Annual World Hello Day, to be exact.

Taking part in this day is the easiest thing ever – simply say ‘hello’ to 10 different people, and you’ve done your part. ‘What’s the point?’, you may ask. Well, according to the day’s creators, Brian and Michael McCormack, they started the day to express their concern for world peace. They wanted to use the idea of a friendly greeting between people as a message to governments and world leaders that confllicts can be settled more effectively by communication than by force and aggression.

A lifelong friendship can start with a simple ‘Hello’.
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The first Hello Day, celebrated in 1973, was specifically in reaction to the Yorn Kippur War between Egypt and Israel. Since that early start it has grown into a global event observed by people in more than 180 countries. According to the World Hello Day website, 31 past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize count among the supporters of the day.

OK, so I don’t have much of a science angle today, but what the heck, a bit of extra goodwill can’t hurt, can it? Go ahead, share a friendly greeting with a stranger – even if it doesn’t quite bring about world peace, you may just brighten someone’s day.