Inspiring cultural tolerance through global learning

It’s Monday, 25 February, and try as I might, I just couldn’t find anything interesting related to this date, to write about.

Just as I was about to give up completely (hence the lateness of this post) I discovered that this week, 24 Feb – 2 Mar 2013, is Peace Corps Week. And as part of this week of celebration, each day of the week has a particular sub-theme:

  • Sunday: Grow Your Peace Corps Family Tree
  • Monday: Inspire Global Learning
  • Tuesday: Share Culture from Around the Globe
  • Wednesday: Invite the World to Your Table
  • Thursday: Foster Global Citizenship
  • Friday: Champion RPCVs as Global Professionals
  • Saturday: Act Locally, Influence Globally.
Today is all about learning to appreciate the diversity around us.(© All Rights Reserved)
Today is all about learning to appreciate the diversity around us.
(© All Rights Reserved)

So today, Monday, it’s all about Global Learning. The idea being to integrate global issues and cultural awareness into the daily reality of the youth. That awareness of the diversity around us is just so important, leading to increased tolerance for people that are different to us, and customs that are foreign to what we know. And this helps us appreciate the uniqueness of vastly different cultures around the globe, adding to the realisation that our way is not the only way – on the contrary, it is just one of many equally valid ways of living your life.

In essence this day is a celebration of global diversity, and a gentle reminder that you’re never to old to learn more about the ways of others. It’s a potentially thrilling journey – enjoy it!