Half a ton, and counting…

Yesterday the Sciencelens blog reached a bit of a personal milestone – 500 followers!

After feeling quite chuffed with myself for a bit, I started thinking about what it means, and I guess it’s really one of those numbers that’s neither here nor there. A year ago, when 100 followers still seemed a distant target for me, I saw another blogger commenting about reaching the 400 follower mark, and thought it was amazing. On the other hands, many blogs I read regularly count many thousands of people among their signed-up followers.

So yes, its many, but at the same time not that much.

There's always something worthwhile photographing or writing about.
There’s always something worthwhile photographing or writing about.

For one thing, reaching this landmark is definitely enough to inspire me to keep going, to keep looking for amusing topics to write about, striking things to photograph, and wacky events to celebrate.

So, to use a popular phrase of the Hash House Harriers (one of my favourite global running institutions):