That cliche rings a bell!

Rise and shine! Today is Cliche Day, so don’t worry, be happy!

Cliches may come a dime a dozen, but once in a blue moon one comes along that hits you between the eyes. On Cliche Day, the idea is to look through new eyes at these well-worn expressions, and leave no stone unturned to try to find the diamonds in the rough.

In the good old days we used to call a spade a spade, but in this day and age everyone beats around the bush. Often it’s all talk and no action. You have to dig deep to get to the bottom of things. With age comes wisdom, so if you get your act together and hang in there, at the end of the day you may end up sadder and wiser. Better late than never, I always say!

The classic visual cliches – sunsets and silhouettes.
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In this life you can go with the flow or kick against the pricks. There’s a time and place for everything, but when push comes to shove it’s every man for himself. So get your ducks in a row or you may end up between a rock and a hard place.

Forgive me if I’m all over the map with this post, but I hope my words of wisdom will do the trick – good things come to those who wait. Always look on the bright side of life, and remember all’s well that ends well.

In the final analysis, when all is said and done, all that’s left for me is to let it be and say Happy Cliche Day. 🙂