About life, personal challenges and celebrations

22 January is Celebration of Life Day. Where the day originated, or what exactly it’s original intent was, I am not sure, but I have no problem with the sentiment of it – the opportunity to be part of this roller-coaster ride called life certainly is something worth celebrating.

Of course how you choose to celebrate life is up to you – perhaps a party with loved ones, perhaps some personal quiet-time. I personally believe the best way is to do something that pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone, something that scares you, that makes life real and immediate again.

Nothing beats the feeling of setting - and achieving - a personal challenge.(© All Rights Reserved)
Nothing beats the feeling of setting – and achieving – a personal challenge.
(© All Rights Reserved)

It can be a physical challenge – climb a mountain; run further than you’ve ever run before; take up a new sport. Think Ranulph Fiennes – now there’s a guy whose entire life reads like a celebration of living.

Or perhaps you prefer a mental challenge – tackle a long-standing phobia head-on (like fellow blogger Metan’s son facing his fear of spiders); pull the plug on your safe office job and start your own business; enroll for a degree or diploma; learn a new skill. It’s all about moving out of your comfort zone, getting away from that state of comfortably numbness where you live, but you’re hardly alive.

And when you conquer that fear, reach that challenge, achieve that success, celebrate it. Celebrate life.

Start today. And put a bubbly on the ice in anticipation.