When I think ‘urban’, I think ‘people’. Which leads my thoughts to what those people do in their urban environment, which immediately screams ‘shopping!’ And then of course, one starts thinking about ‘the people who serve the people – the shopkeepers’.

So here, in response to the ‘urban’ theme, some local shopkeepers. 🙂

Shopkeeper series 1: Barista
(© All Rights Reserved)
Shopkeeper series 2: Antiques dealer
(© All Rights Reserved)
Shopkeeper series 3: Collectables dealer in the week; viking over the weekend
(© All Rights Reserved)
Shopkeeper series 4: Streetside green-grocer
(© All Rights Reserved)


  1. I would love to see the inside of that collectibles shop (as staffed by a part-time viking). I love a shop so crammed with books that it needs a sign to tell you where the counter is!

    1. Yeah, it is an absolutely amazing place, and he’s quite something too. Aside from being an active medievalist and owner of a shop of collectibles and second-hand goods, he was also an extra in The Lord of the Rings. As he explains, “In my time as an extra, I was a Rohan soldier, a Gondorian soldier, an orc. I was alive, I was dead, I was wounded…”

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